Compensation Management Consultancy

The six core surveys historically offered by HR+Survey Solutions will now be published through BDO’s Compensation and Benefits practice.  See the link below for more information.

What will not change is our commitment to deliver quality content and valuable insights. In addition, the same experienced team, including Tim Canavan and Theresa Fell, will be executing the survey delivery.

The six core surveys include:

  • Annual Clinical Research Industry Global Compensation and Turnover Survey
  • Annual Health Insurance Executive Total Potential Remuneration Survey
  • Annual Health Insurance Sales Compensation Survey
  • Biennial Health Insurance Board of Director Compensation Survey
  • Annual Human Resource Outsourcing Compensation Survey
  • Biennial Guaranty Fund Association Survey
  • Starting with the launch of the 2019 surveys, communication about the surveys will come from BDO. Be sure to watch your inbox for more information.

Click on selections below to access survey brochures.

BDO conducts a suite of core surveys. Follow this link for more information.

At BDO, we help our clients thrive, every day. Offering key advice and services for compensation and benefits strategies, we help organizations attract, retain, and reward the talented people they need. We are able to design industry-specific, data-driven programs based on our proprietary compensation surveys.

Health Insurance Industry Sales Compensation Survey
Focuses on health insurance companies, reports compensation statistics for 21 sales positions in nine market segments, along with the prevalence of sales incentive plan design. A detailed pay-for-performance analysis is the hallmark of the survey.

Health Insurance Industry Executive Total Potential Remuneration Survey - Compensation, Benefits, and Perquisites
Provides a comprehensive picture of the total compensation package for almost 40 executive and senior management positions in the health insurance industry. This includes: (1) Annual cash compensation (including base salary and annual incentives); (2) Long-term incentives; and (3) The potential value of other benefits such as deferred compensation, retirement benefits, and severance/change-of-control agreements.

The Human Resource Outsourcing Compensation Survey
This survey is designed to cover multiple offerings to meet the needs of both broad-based HRO companies and niche players with over 200 benchmarked positions. The 2018 Survey is sponsored, which means no cost to participate, and results are free.

The Clinical Research Industry Global Compensation and Turnover Survey
This is a global survey focusing on the clinical research outsourcing industry. The survey provides comprehensive compensation data for over 180 jobs in over 50 countries. It includes an extensive policy and practice section (covering compensation plan design, benefits, allowances, and perquisites) and Hot Topic Surveys. The participants are also invited to a complimentary annual roundtable meeting.

Board of Director Compensation Survey
Conducted every other year, this survey focuses on the health insurance industry and covers compensation for boards of directors, including overall costs​.

Survey Timelines

Click the link above to see a listing of our annual surveys and their time frames.

HR+Survey Solutions can conduct a custom survey for your company, association or industry.

Below are examples of custom surveys:

  • Global Telesales/ Inside Sales Compensation Survey Among High-Tech Companies
  • Tri-State Area Engineering Compensation Survey
  • Sales Force Compensation Survey for the Publishing Industry
  • Sales Force Compensation Survey for the Lodging Industry
  • Sales Force Compensation Survey for the Waste Management Industry
  • Presidential Benefits and Perquisites Survey Among NYC Based Not-for-Profits
  • Compensation and Benefits for Higher Education Presidents
  • Athletic Director Compensation Survey
  • Compensation for the Heads of Music Schools
  • Compensation for Pharmacists in Arizona