Case 1:

Determining the Market Competitiveness of a Skill-Based Pay System

Successful union negotiations are dependent upon determining competitive wage rates for a pay-for-skills system.

Case 2:

Ensuring Fair and Competitive Compensation in a Close-Knit Organization

A small not-for-profit is faced with a culture of entitlement that needs to be eliminated and a sense of family that they want to keep – we had to find a way to pay for performance while maintaining a collaborative atmosphere.

Case 3:

Executive Compensation 101 for a Newly Public Company

A newly public company faces the challenges of developing an executive pay system that eases the transition from a private to a public company. The solution becomes more complicated when pay levels are found to be significantly out of alignment with the market.

Case 4:

Adapting Sales Incentives for a Changing Market

A Health Insurance client had a problem – the payouts for one of their Large Group Accounts Reps were going to be significantly higher than any amount paid in the past. The payout was the result of what was viewed as a “windfall” ﹣ excessive incentive pay that is out of balance with the effort and skill required. While the company was thrilled to have landed an important new large account, HR and Sales Management were concerned about potential internal equity issues and costs. The increasing probability of a Rep leapfrogging into the top 5 highest paid positions even caught the attention of the Board.

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